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Housing 225 beneficiaries, B. M. Institute of Mental Health, Ahmedabad, offers Diagostic, Therapeutic, Educational and Rehabilitation services to intellectually special children, adolescent and adult individuals.

Each student has a different understanding of the same material; combined with their creativity, we deveplop something that is one of a kind. With each product different from the others, it is moulded by hands, fine details and textures were added using various tools to create varied expressions and a finetuned character.  Its astonoushing  how these students can create such products that can compete with the performance oriented world provided they are given a proper learning of the material and an ambience to execute.

Clay is a very versatle material. Playing and creating anything out of it helpes increase their congnitive learning and respones. They feel at power with the rest of the world as they are able to do something with equal efficiency as the rest of us. It is because of their acceptance towards CC, we are abel to proceed with fantastically cute designs.

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