As with every drop the pot fills, With drops drying, it also empties….

Hello all curious nature lovers/ humans,

Every individual possesses an inclination to obtain a decent car, a handsome watch, a smart phone, a captivating laptop and so on -a New Everything, which suffices our demand and desire.

Granted these purchases have become a part of having a comfortable lifestyle and hence, lets wonder a process behind these products’existence, right from the design process, material selection, production, energy intervention at each stage and last but not the least -a way to discard them. Our lovely earth has finite resources formed as a result of accumulation over the long-winded process ran through millions of years. We,living in a finite world with infinite desires, have been disturbing our arrangements that are eventually responsible for our existence.

This linear pattern of extraction, production, distribution, consumption and disposal has a naive property -almost always resulting a reduction in total energy and an increase in overall entropy at the end of a process.
‘Chatur Chidiyaa’ is an initiative by a group of young designers/design thinkers and business practitioners who believe anything that is new shouldn’t always be cool. So, we did something which is actually optimizes energy consumption and creates opportunity for us and for everyone around.

With a philosophy of REUSING, RECYCLING, REDUCING AND UP-CYCLING,we work on reprocessed left out Materials that takes minimal operations to the finished goods, potent Methods that saves the energy and eventually a time that ultimately results in elegant Eco friendly products for design lovers! Yes, to reuse things can actually be fun as it gives more room for creativity and airs idea exploration that push the limits of the material and of a designer.

More than just a start-up, Chatur Chidiyaa is a voyage that started from a leisure trip to Nal-sarover(a wet land bird sanctuary in Gujarat) as a classroom project to a series of serious exhibitions that tested the model’s genuineness. The team collaborates on sustainability and design thinking to generate ideas that uses old materials to make new concepts with an icing of handmade touch.We are a synchronization of curious Creatives who love to work with materials and passionate Marketers who believe that good design is about good idea presented intactly.

We have a vision of imbibing sustainability in business as it optimizes the resources in an ingenious way satisfying our present need and saving sufficient for the future.